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Or So The Story Goes: Golden Rule

Or So The Story Goes is an anthology web series that saw significant growth over its first three seasons. Going into the fourth season, I was brought in to give a professional touch to what had previously been a DIY production.

The entire show was filmed on location over the course of 18 days, which required us to solve unique problems on a daily basis. One scene of concern included several conversations moving down a hallway at the end of a school day, which either needed to be one shot or a lot of shot. We went with the oner, and the clip above shows our solution using a DJI Ronin rigged to a dolly to smoothly track the action down the hallway.

You can see the full season of Or So The Story Goes on YouTube.

Director: Theresa Labreglio

Gaffer: Alvin Adadevoh

First AC: James Reslier-Wells

Camera: Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K

Lenses: Rokinon Cine and Canon primes, Sigma and Tokina Zooms

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