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My name is Trevor Peckham and I am a New York based cinematographer.


As the third generation of my family working in film production, I was on set from an early age. After majoring in marketing at Northeastern and working at a desk, I realized it wasn’t for me and found my way back into production. Shortly after that, I got behind the camera and fell in love with cinematography.


I believe that the needs of the project outweigh my personal style, so I strive to approach every job in a unique way. Each story is different, and needs to be told in its own specific way.


I have been working as a DP since 2015 and have shot dozens of projects ranging from documentaries and corporate films to music videos and narrative films, including the feature VINEYARDS, which won best cinematography at the 2020 Golden State Film Festival.

In 2020, I also released my directorial debut, GREEN, which can be viewed in its entirety here.

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